Palmer Church of the Nazarene

palmer nazarene pastor family

Pastor Joe & Angela Parreira
(Joseph, Anna, & Jordan)

Mission Statement “Engage our community so people Encounter Christ and Experience His grace.
This is accomplished by GO, KNOW, GROW.”

As the Palmer Family Church of the Nazarene we are committed to GO into our community. As we connect with people we trust they will come to KNOW Christ through how the church treats each other, and finally, as people come into a relationship with Christ we walk with them so they GROW in that relationship.

Schedule of Services Please go to our website, we have lots of other activities such as AA meetings, Ladies Bible Studies, etc. For more details, please contact our church office.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 3509 Palmer, Alaska 99645 1951 N. Hemmer Rd.
Church Phone: (907) 745-0252
Web site:

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