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Currently our district is comprised of 27 churches with-in the 586,412 Square Miles of the most beautiful land scape you will ever see – called the state of Alaska!!! It’s our mission to share the Good News of Christ’s love with the people of this land. Hopefully this site is helpful and provides the information you are looking for concerning the Alaska District.

Every Pastor – a Missional Leader
Every Church – a Missional Church
Every Christian – a Missionary

Alaska District Church of the Nazarene

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DS Blog – September 2014

A Word from our Superintendent (DS Blog)

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus our risen Savior and Lord! I hope you are enjoying our new web site and that it proves helpful and encouraging to all who visit.

The colors of fall are upon us, breathtakingly beautiful here on the Kenai! I needed to travel to Anchorage this last week and took a short detour around Skilak Lake loop, it was raining and a little muddy but quietly Majestic. I stopped and looked out over the lake and thought about how Awesome our God is, as I was awed by the beauty of His Creation – the brilliant gold’s, yellow’s and oranges, I quietly enjoyed the warmth of His Love and the splendor of His Holiness. It was another of those Alaska-God moments of which we who are blessed to live in this land, enjoy so much – PTL.

Could I encourage you today, slow down and take in the beauty around you, and while you’re doing that – close your eyes for a moment and allow the splendor of Christ’s Holiness, His Shekinah Glory to wash over your soul and encourage your heart with the warmth of His Love.

Rejoicing in Jesus,
Pastor Paul

Paul & Patti Hartley

Pastor Paul & Patti Hartley
District Superintendent